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The educational outreach program of our lab integrates middle and high school students with undergraduate and graduate students and is designed in the interface between Tissue Engineering and Assisted Reproductive Technology.  The various modules will address basic biology and tissue engineering questions such as how to construct a living tissue and the role of biomaterials in TE. The engineering component of the program will focus on designing 3D environment with biomaterials that can lead to a successful folliculogenesis. We regularly lead workshops and aim to actively engage the next generation of bioengineers. Click on a button below to find out more!


The UM WISE Girls in Science and Engineering (WISE GISE) Camp is a summer day camp for students finishing grades 7 and 8. Our program has been running since 2013 and is focused on reproductive tissue engineering and introduced girls to working with hydrogels, encapsulating and imaging ovarian follicles.

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REACT is a student-lead one-day workshop for K-12 STEM teachers that aims to expose them to the cutting-edge research being done at the University of Michigan through focused student talks, lab tours, and take-home demonstrations lead by student organizations. Ultimately, the goal is to enable these teachers to translate their new knowledge and excitement into the classroom. In addition to the regional outreach impact of REACT, we also offer professional development to graduate students through offering opportunities to communicate their science to a broader audience and lesson plan development (including developing a topic-focused, unique and engaging activity).

dapcep schedule

Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) is a nonprofit organization with more than 40 years of experience partnering with universities, training programs, and K-12 school systems in order to connect youth to the best science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educational experiences in Michigan and beyond.


Above - students present their work in the lobby of the Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building.

Right - DAPCEP participants take a closer look at follicle samples from the Shikanov Lab.

Hong DAPCEP 2017.jpg
Lab on Wheels

Lab on Wheels is a biotechnology outreach program for 9th grade students developed by miRCore at the University of Michigan. Our graduate students participate in this organization by preparing lab demos for students in local public schools, presenting material to students and then walking them through a gel electrophoresis experiment, all while imparting their passion for STEM to the next generation.

Andrea shows Lab on Wheels students some pipetting skills!

Lab on Wheels 1.jpg
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