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Research from the Shikanov, Shea, and Domb Labs as well as talks given by Dr. Shikanov.


Publications from the Shikanov Lab



75Encapsulated Allografts Preclude Host Sensitization and Promote Ovarian Endocrine Function in Ovariectomized Young Rhesus Monkeys and Sensitized Mice, Day JR, Flanagan CL, Davis A, Hartigan-O'Connor DJ, Barbosa MGM, Martinez ML, Lee C, Barnes J, Farkash E, Zelinski M, Tarantal A, Cascalho M, Shikanov A, Bioengineering, 10, 550. 2023 ,

74. Presence of ovarian stromal abberations after cessation of testosterone therapy in a transgender mouse model, Kinnear HM, Hashim PH, Dela Cruz C, Chang FL, Rubenstein G, Nimmagadda L, Elangovan VR, Jones A, Brunette MA, Hannum DF, Li JZ, , Padmanabhan V, Moravek MB, Shikanov A, Biology of Reproduction, 2023


73. Creating a common language for the subanatomy of the ovary, Tsui ET, O'Neill KE, LeDuc RD, Shikanov A, Gomez-Lobo V, Laronda MM, Biology of Reproduction, 2023. 

72. A mouse model mimicking gender-affirming treatment with pubertal suppression followed by testosterone in transmasculine youth. Dela Cruz C, Kinnear HM, Hashim PH, Wandoff A, Nimmagadda L, Chang FL, Padmanabhan V, Shikanov A, Moravek MB. Human Reproduction, 2022




71. Single-cell RNA-sequensing of retrieved human oocytes and eggs in clinical practice and for human cell atlasing, Machlin J and Shikanov A, Molecular Reproduction and Development, 2022

70. Pharmacokinetic comparison of three delivery systems for subcutaneous testosterone administration in female mice

Kinnear HM, Hashim PH, Dela Cruz C, Rubenstein G, Chang FL, Nimmagadda L, Brunette MA, Padmanabhan V, Shikanov A, Moravek MB.

General and Comparative Endocrinology, 2022

69. Human Ovarian Follicles Xenografted in Immunoisolating Capsules Survive Long Term Implantation in Mice

Brunette MA, Kinnear HM, Hashim PH, Flanagan CL, Day JR, Cascalho M, Shikanov A. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 2022.

68. Cellular heterogeneity of human fallopian tubes in normal and hydrosalpinx disease states identified using scRNA-seq 

Nicole D Ulrich, Yu-chi Shen, Qianyi Ma, Kun Yang, D Ford Hannum, Andrea Jones, Jordan Machlin, John F Randolph Jr, Yolanda R Smith, Samantha B Schon, Ariella Shikanov, Erica E Marsh, Richard Lieberman, Stephen J Gurczynski, Bethany B Moore, Jun Z Li, Sue Hammoud

Developmental Cell, volume 57, Issue 7


67. Capitalizing on transcriptome profiling to optimize and identify targets for promoting early murine folliculogenesis in vitro 

Jones A, Peñalver Bernabé B, Padmanabhan V, Li J, Shikanov A.
Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 12517 (2021)

66. A View from the past into our collective future: the oncofertility consortium vision statement 

Woodruff TK, 
Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, volume 38, pages3–15 (2021)


65.  TNFRSF13B genotypes control immune-mediated pathology by regulating the functions of innate B cells 

Barbosa MGM, Lefferts AR, Huynh D, Liu H, Zhang Y, Fu B, Barnes J, Samaniego M, Bram RJ, Geha R, Shikanov A, Prak ETL, Farkash EA, JPlatt JL, Cascalho M.

JCI Insight. 2021.


64. Swellable catheters based on a dynamic expanding inner diameter

Tennankore R, Brunette M, Cox T, Vazquez R, Shikanov A, Burns ML, Love B.
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine volume 32, Article number: 51 (2021)


63. Fresh and cryopreserved ovarian tissue from deceased young donors yields viable follicle

Fan Y, Flanagan CL, Brunette MA, Jones AS, Baker BM, Silber SJ, Shikanov A.

F&S Science, 2021

62. Sequestered cell-secreted extracellular matrix proteins improve murine folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation for fertility preservation, 

Tomaszewski CE, DiLillo KM, Baker BM, Arnold KB, Shikanov A.

Acta Biomaterialia, 2021

61. Reversibility of Testosterone Induced Acyclicity after Testosterone Cessation in a Transgender Mouse Model,

Kinnear HM, Hashim PH, Dela Cruz C, Rubenstein G, Chang FL, Nimmagadda L, Brunette MA, Padmanabhan V, Shikanov A, Moravek MB.

F&S Science, 2021


60. Impact of Exogenous Testosterone on Reproduction in Transgender Men, 

Moravek MB, Kinnear HM, George J, Batchelor J,  Shikanov A,  Padmanabhan V,  Randolph JF.

Endocrinology, Volume 161, Issue 3, March 2020

* the top 10 percent of articles published in the journal in 2020-2021, as assessed by rate of citation.

59. Hormonal Stimulation of Human Ovarian Xenografts in Mice: Studying Folliculogenesis, Activation, and Oocyte Maturation

Wall, MA, Padmanabhan V, Shikanov, A. 

Endocrinology, Volume 161, Issue 12, December 2020,

      * This article has been selected as the Endocrinology Featured Article to be featured at the very top of the Endocrinology homepage @EndoSocJournals

58. Fiber Crimp Confers Matrix Mechanical Nonlinearity, Regulates Endothelial Cell Mechanosensing, and Promotes Microvascular Network Formation.

Davidson CD, Jayco DKP, Wang, WY, Shikanov A, Baker, BM .

J Biomech Eng., Nov 2020, 142(11),

57. Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation and Novel Bioengineering Approaches for Fertility Preservation. 

Jones ASK, Shikanov A.

Current Breast Cancer Reports 2020;

56. The ovarian stroma as a new frontier

Kinnear HM, Tomaszewski CE, Chang FL, Moravek MB, Xu M, Padmanabhan V, Shikanov A. 

Reproduction 2020; 160 (3)

   * This article was highlighted by the Editorial Board at the top 10 most viewed articles published this past year @ReprodJournal

55. Activation of goat primordial follicles in vitro: Influence of alginate and ovarian tissue

Correia HHV, Lima LF, Sousa FGC, Ferreira ACA, Cadenas J, Paes VM, Alves BG, Shikanov A, Figueiredo JR.  

Reprod Domest Anim. 2020 Jan;55(1):105-109.

Epub 2019 Nov 27. PMID: 31661715


54. Immuno-Isolating Dual Poly (ethylene glycol) Capsule Prevents Cancer Cells from Spreading Following Mouse Ovarian Tissue Auto-Transplantation. 

Day JR, David A, Long C, Bushnell GG, Woodruff TK, Shea LD, Shikanov A. 

Regenerative Medicine Frontiers, 2019.

53. Encapsulation of ovarian allograft precludes immune rejection and promotes restoration of endocrine function in immune-competent ovariectomized mice. 

Day JR, David A, Barbosa MGM, Brunette MA, Cascalho M, Shikanov A.

Sci Rep. 2019 Nov 12;9(1)

52. A mouse model to investigate the impact of testosterone therapy on reproduction in transgender men

Kinnear HM, Constance ES, David A, Marsh EE, Padmanabhan V, Shikanov A, Moravek MB.

Hum Reprod. 2019 Oct 2;34(10)


51. Adipose-derived stem cell-secreted  promote survival, growth and maturation of early-stage murine follicles,

Green LJ, Zhou H, Padmanabhan V, Shikanov A.  

Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 2019.

50. Adipose-derived stem cell-secreted factors promote early stage follicle development in a biomimetic matrix

Tomaszewski CE, Constance E, Lemke MM, Zhou H, Padmanabhan V, Arnold KB, Shikanov A.

Biomaterials Science, 2019

49. Follicle development as an orchestrated signaling network in a 3D organoid

 Jones ASK,  Shikanov A.

Journal of Biological Engineering, 2019, 13:2.


48. Rapid Mouse Follicle Stimulating Hormone Quantification and Estrus Cycle Analysis Using an Automated Microfluidic Chemiluminescent ELISA System,

Tan X, David A, Day J, Tang H, Dixon ER, Zhu H, Chen Y, Kyaw M, Oo K, Shikanov A, Fan X.  

ACS Sensors, October 2018.

47. Synergy of Paracrine Signaling During Early-Stage Mouse Ovarian Follicle Development In Vitro.

Zhou H, Decker JT, Lemke MM, Tomaszewski CE, Shea LD, Arnold KB,  Shikanov A.

Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, October 2018.

46. Secondary lymphoid organ fibroblastic reticular cells mediate trans-infection of HIV-1 via CD44-hyaluronan interactions.

Murakami T, Kim J, Li Y, Green GE, Shikanov A, Ono A.

Nature Communications. 2018

45. Three-dimensional Hydrogel-Based Culture to Study the Effects of Toxicants on Ovarian Follicles.

Zhou H, Shikanov A.

Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1758:55-7244. 

44. Synthetic PEG Hydrogel for Engineering the Environment of Ovarian Follicles.

Mendez U, Zhou H, Shikanov A.

Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1758:115-128.

43. Retrievable hydrogels for ovarian follicle transplantation and oocyte collection.

Rios PD, Kniazeva E, Lee HC, Xiao S, Oakes RS, Saito E, Jeruss JS, Shikanov A, Woodruff TK, Shea LD.

Biotechnol Bioeng. 2018 Apr 28. doi: 10.1002/bit.26721. 

42. Detection of lindane and 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]antracene toxicity at low concentrations in a three-dimensional ovarian follicle culture system,

Zhou H, Young CJ, Loch-Caruso R, Shikanov A. 

Reproductive toxicology, 2018

41. Immunoisolating poly(ethylene glycol) based capsules support ovarian tissue survival to restore endocrine function.

Day JR, David A, Cichon AL, Kulkarni T, Cascalho, M, Shikanov A. 

J. Biomed. Mater. Res., January 2018.


40. The impact of functional groups of poly(ethylene glycol) macromers on the physical properties of photo-polymerized hydrogels and the local inflammatory response in the host, Day JR, David A, Kim J, Farkash EA, Cascalho M, Milasinovic N, Shikanov A.

Acta Biomaterialia, 2017.

39. Fertility Preservation in 2016: Where Are We? 

David A, Green LJ, Shikanov A.

Seminars in Reproductive Medicine, Vol.35, No. 2/2017, pp. 160-166.

38. Restoring Ovarian Endocrine function with Encapsulated Ovarian Allograft in Immune Competent Mice.

David A, Day JR, Cichon AL, Lefferts A, Cascalho M, Shikanov A. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2017.



37. The artificial ovary: current status and future perspectives.

Amorim CA, Shikanov A. Future Oncology, 2016.

36. Synthetic hydrogel supports the function and regeneration of artificial ovarian tissue in mice. 

Kim J, Perez AS, Claflin J, David A, Zhou H, Shikanov A.

Regenerative Medicine, 2016.

35. The Synergistic Effects of Matrix Stiffness and Composition on the Response of Chondropogenitor Cells in a 3D Precondensation Microenvironment.

Carrion B, Souzanchi MF, Wang VT, Tiruchinapally G, Shikanov A, Putnam AJ, Coleman RM.

Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2016.

34. Immunoisolation to prevent graft rejection: current knowledge and future use,

David A, Day JR, Shikanov A.  

Experimental Biology and Medicine, 2016.

33. In vitro culture methods of preantral follicles.

Green LJ, Shikanov A.  

The Theriogenology, 2016.,28LgsLNN

32. Characterization of the crosslinking kinetics of multi-arm poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels formed via Michael-type addition.  

Kim J, Kong YP, Niedzielski SM, Singh RK, Putnam AJ, Shikanov A.  

Soft Matter, 2016.


31. Hydrogel Based 3-Dimensional (3D) System for Toxicity and High-Throughput (HTP) Analysis for Cultured Murine Ovarian Follicles.  

Zhou H, Malik MA, Arab A, Hill MT, Shikanov A.

PLoS One, 2015.

30. Characterizing natural hydrogel for reconstruction of three-dimensional lymphoid stromal network to model T-cell interactions.  

Kim J, Wu B, Niedzielski SM, Hill MT, Coleman RM, Ono A, Shikanov A.

J Biomed Mater Res A, 2015.

29. Bioengineering the Ovarian Follicle Microenvironment.

Shea LD, Woodruff TK, Shikanov A.  

Annu Rev Biomed Eng, 2013. 

       *The 2014 review “Bioengineering the Ovarian Follicle Microenvironment” was highlighted on the Global Medical Discovery webpage.


28. Simple multi-level microchannel fabrication by pseudo-grayscale backside diffused light lithography.  

Lai D, Labuz JM, Kim J, Luker GD, Shikanov A, Takayama S.

RSC Advances, 2013.!divAbstract

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27. Fibrin-mediated delivery of an ovarian follicle pool in a mouse model of infertility.

Smith RM*, Shikanov A*, Kniazeva E, Ramadurai D, Woodruff T, Shea LD.

Tissue Eng Part A, 2014.

26. The impact of adhesion peptides within hydrogels on the phenotype and signaling of normal and cancerous mammary epithelial cells.

Weiss MS, Bernabé BP, Shikanov A, Bluver DA, Mui MD, Shin S, Broadbelt LJ, Shea LD.

Biomaterials, 2012.


25. Hydrogel design for supporting neurite outgrowth and promoting gene delivery to maximize neurite extension.

Shepard JA, Stevans AC, Holland S, Wang CE, Shikanov A, Shea LD.

Biotechnol Bioeng, 2012.

24. Fibrin Encapsulation and VEGF Delivery Promotes Ovarian Graft Survival in Mice, Shikanov A, Zhang J, Xu M, Smith RM, Rajan A, Woodruff TK, Shea LD,

Tissue Eng Part A, 2011.


23. Gene therapy vectors with enhanced transfection based on hydrogels modified with affinity peptides.

Shepard JA, Wesson PJ, Wang CE, Stevans AC, Holland SJ, Shikanov A, Grzybowski BA, Shea LD.

Biomaterials, 2011.


22. A Method for Ovarian Follicle Encapsulation and Culture in a Proteolytically Degradable 3 Dimensional System,

Shikanov A, Xu M, Woodruff TK, Shea LD,

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), 2011.


21. Hydrogel network design using multifunctional macromers to coordinate tissue maturation in ovarian follicle culture, 

Shikanov A*, Smith RM*, Xu M, Woodruff TK, Shea LD, (* equal contribution)

Biomaterials, 2011,


20. In vitro Oocyte Maturation and Preantral Follicle Culture from the Luteal Phase Baboon Ovary Produce Mature Oocyte,

Xu M, Fazleabas AT, Shikanov A, Jackson E, Barrett SL, Hirshefeld-Cytron J, Kiesewetter SE, Shea LD, Woodruff TK,

Biol Reprod, 2010.


19. Balancing cell migration with matrix degradation enhances gene delivery to cells cultured three dimensionally within hydrogels,

Shepard JA, Huang A, Shikanov A, Shea LD.

J Control Release, 2010.

18. A novel two-step strategy for in-vitro culture of early stage ovarian follicles in the mouse,

Jin SY, Lei L, Shikanov A, Shea LD, Woodruff TK.

Fertil Steril, 2010.


17. Interpenetrating Fibrin-Alginate matrices for in vitro Ovarian Follicle Development, Shikanov A, Xu M, Woodruff TK, Shea LD.

Biomaterials, 2009.


16. Fibrin hydrogels for non-viral vector delivery in vitro,

dex Rieux A, Shikanov A, Shea LD.

J Control Release, 2009.


15. Cisplatin tumor biodistribution and efficacy after intratumoral injection of a biodegradable extended release implant,

Shikanov A, Shikanov S, Vaisman B, Golenser J, Domb AJ.

Chem Res Practice, 2011.

14. Poly(sebacic acid co-ricinoleic acid) biodegradable carrier for intratumoral delivery of paclitaxel, J Biomed Mater Res,

Shikanov A, Vaisman B, Shikanov S, Domb AJ.

Part A, 2010.

13.Local controlled delivery of anti-neoplastic RNAse to the brain

Slager J, Tyler B, Shikanov A, Domb AJ, Shogen K, Sidransky D, Brem H.

Pharm Res, 2009.

12. Intratumoral delivery of paclitaxel for treatment of orthotopic prostate cancer,

Shikanov S, Shikanov A, Gofrit O, Nyska A, Corn B, Domb AJ.

Pharm Sci, 2009.

11. Paclitaxel tumor biodistribution and efficacy after intratumoral injection of a biodegradable extended release implant,

Shikanov A, Shikanov S, Vaisman B, Golenser J, Domb AJ.

Int J Pharm, 2008.

10.The isolation of ricinoleic acid from castor oil by salt-solubility-based fractionation for the biopharmaceutical applications,

Vaisman B, Shikanov A, Domb AJ.

J Am Oil Chem Society, 2008.

9. Long acting local anesthetic-polymer formulation to prolong the effect of analgesia,

Shikanov A, Domb AJ, Weiniger CF.

J Control Release, 2007.


8. Poly(sebacic acid-co-ricinoleic acid) biodegradable injectable in situ gelling polymer 

Shikanov A, Domb AJ.

Biomacromolecules, 2006.

7. Poly(sebacic acid-co-ricinoleic acid) biodegradable carrier for paclitaxel – effect of additives, Shikanov A, Ezra A, Domb AJ.

J Control Release, 2005.

6. Normal phase high performance liquid chromatography for determination of paclitaxel incorporated in a lipophilic polymer matrix

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5. Biodegradable polymers: An update, 

Shikanov A, Kumar N, Domb, AJ.

Isr J Chemistry, 2005. Review.


4. Poly(sebacic acid-co-ricinoleic acid)biodegradable carrier for paclitaxel: In vitro release and in vivo toxicity, 

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Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 2004.

3. Intravenous and regional paclitaxel formulations

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2. Poly(ester anhydride)s prepared by the insertion of ricinoleic acid into poly(sebacic acid), 

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1.Polylactones 57. Biodegradable networks based on A-B-A triblock segments containing poly(ethylene glycol)s-syntheses and drug release properties

Kricheldorf HR, Fechner B, Shikanov A, Domb AJ,

Biomacromolecules, 2003.

Pub Med


Dr. Ariella Shikanov speaks at the 2019 Oncofertility Conference about new models of Ovarian Regeneration.

University of Michigan's Ariella Shikanov describes her focus in developing functional and tunable hydrogels for reproductive tissue engineering. Presented on March 27, 2017.

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